Amazon Self-Publishing Secrets

Amazon Self-Publishing Secrets


Amazon Self-Publishing Secrets: Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about publishing an eBook and specifically how to self-publish on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBookStore, Smashword, and Lulu.

All you need is my Ultimate eBook Creator. I created UEC for my wife and she tells me, UEC is probably one of the best eBook creation software on the market today. and you will be one of the self-publishing on Amazon fast.

You can write your eBook from scratch using the built-in MS Word style editor. If you already have your content in a text file, PDF, or MS Word document, then you can quickly import your content into UEC, organize your content into chapters and sections, and you will publish your e-book in less than 30 minutes (depending on how large the book is). just try self-publishing on Amazon.

UEC is probably the only e-book software you will ever need! It takes care of all the complex formatting and automatically generates your “Table of Contents”, so all your formatting headaches are gone! You can generate for Kindle (MOBI), EPUB, MS Word, or PDF. EPUB all ebook publishers will accept your files such as Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, Smashwords, and

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Why Kindle eBook Formatting is not easy?

Did you know that 95% of the people who manage to publish an ebook for the Kindle never sell a single copy? It’s not their content. Most of the time the author has probably spent hours, even days or weeks writing the eBook. So why do they fail? Well, it’s the final step … Formatting the eBook! Formatting your eBook to satisfy the rules for Amazon KDP is not easy! All you have to do is Google search the phrase “Kindle formatting issues” and you’ll see what I mean.

Poor formatting results in a bad customer experience, and even worse, put your book on Amazon’s poor quality radar and they will warn or even remove your eBooks from Amazon KDP! This is one of the main reasons why there are so many eBook formatting services online. Most charge a monthly fee of $27 or more. Just imagine paying $27 per month! That’s a lot of money! Not with UEC. Because with UEC you only pay a one-time fee and get a lifetime of free updates!

UEC is so easy to use! It takes care of all that complex formatting, so you can focus on the content which is what you like to do! The Ultimate eBook Creator takes care of all the complex XML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, and all other format-related techies and nerdy stuff that you can just don’t need to worry about!

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Do You Really Want to Read the Kindle Publishing Guide?

Without UEC, you would need to read and understand the 100s of pages of documentation to get it right. GET IT WRONG and your book may reject because it fails the MOBI/EPUB validation!

If you get it wrong AND still manage to get through Amazon’s evaluation process, your customers will leave BAD reviews and ask for an immediate refund! Seriously the worst thing that can happen is getting a bad 1-star review. I would rather Amazon reject my book than get a 1-star bad review. The review will REALLY affect your sales. Trust me I’ve been there!

How to Publish on Kindle?

UEC makes it super easy to publish on Amazon KDP, Smashwords,, and any other platform that accepts EPUB format. It’s almost like painting by numbers! In fact, the Ultimate eBook Creator comes with a step-by-step guide that shows you how to publish your UEC-generated Kindle e-book (in . MOBI format) right into Kindle. In fact, I gave my 16-year-old a project for the summer. He wrote his eBook using the UEC eBook software in 2 days and had it uploaded to Kindle on the third day. Here’s the book if you are interested – NBA Trivia. He is making between $ 300 and $500 per month on this book alone!

Get Your Book Accepted On Amazon KDP for the First Time!

Getting your eBooks accepted on Kindle, iBookStore, LuLu, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter. Don’t believe me? Just do a simple Google search on say “iBookStore formatting” and you will read tons of blogs and stories about people struggling with the iBookStore. Here’s the process. You upload your book using a service like Wait 3-4 weeks to get your eBook validated.

If there is even one error, your eBook will reject! But here’s the kicker. They DO NOT tell you ALL the errors at once. Then you fix that one error and submit it again. Wait another 3 weeks to see if your eBook got accepted. This goes on and on until you fix all the eBook errors… PAINFUL!! Not with UEC though. I have so many UEC customers who email me back and say “Hey Nitin, my eBook got accepted the first time! And I only had to wait 4 hours!”.

Publish to iBookstore, Smashwords, and LULU for the First Time!

If you think publishing to Amazon is hard, wait till you try the other platforms! I have had so many customers tell me that UEC is probably the only software available that publishes to Apple’s iBook store,, and the first time. You see UEC compiles 100% perfectly validated EPUB files, so no need to spend money on services that do this for you.

Never worry about eBook Formatting again!

Here’s the good news. Ultimate eBook Creator takes care of all the complexities of formatting your eBooks once and for all. This is because UEC creates your eBooks from the ground up and generates 100% clean and lean XHTML code – unlike Calibre which tries to convert a Microsoft Word document with all that junk formatting and hidden characters that make your eBooks look like c***!

I hope you know what I’m trying to say! Even though your eBook formatting may seem to look ok XHTML code it creates is really bad and bloats your eBooks with junk code that increases the size of your eBook. Amazon KDP has a 50MB limit and other platforms have a maximum size limit too. Your eBook will be rejected if it exceeds the max size limit!

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