Increase Instagram Followers at No Cost

Increase Instagram Followers at No Cost

Increase Instagram Followers at No Cost: Firstly, social Auto Boost was created to provide a simple and user-friendly tool to increase your number of followers. Secondly, no installation, setup, add-ons, or complicated steps are needed. Thirdly, social auto boost will show you how to get more Instagram followers for free.

No Proxies Needed

Therefore, most tools will force you to use proxies – not us. As a result, a unique proxy is already included for each of your accounts.

Cloud Hosted

In other words, no need to install an app on your desktop, mobile, or server (VPS).

Across all Devices

In short, it works on all computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Ready for all Browsers

Also, works on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, and more.

Useful features that you need in order to grow your accounts

Our strategy is to focus on the most essential features rather than creating a large number of unneeded features. but, our users have told us the following features are the most useful in growing their accounts.

Auto Like

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Like relevant posts and attract new followers

Auto Follow/Unfollow

Automatically follow & unfollow relevant users

Auto Comment

However, leave a few interesting comments for your fans or invite them to visit your website

Targeted Search

Therefore, search only for posts and users that are relevant to you

how to get More Instagram followers for free?

Mobile Ready

Using a mobile-ready tool allows you to monitor and quickly make changes on the fly

Insights & Stats

Easily track the number of followers you’re attracting every day

Multiple Accounts

Easily manage multiple accounts on one convenient page


A detailed log allowing you to look at targeted posts and users

Worry-free: Set and Forget

In other words, once you saved your settings, you can close Social Auto Boost and it will do the assigned tasks automatically!

No Monitoring Needed

Therefore, the tool will constantly monitor for any issues so you don’t have to worry about them.

Support Available

On the rare occasions that you do face an issue, our support team is ready to help.

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