Save Money: Booking Flights and Hotels Together


Save Money: Booking Flights and Hotels Together

Save Money: Booking Flights and Hotels Together. We strive to help everyone experience the world safely. Now, We have many processes in place to protect our guests and empower them. Also, to take control of their safety while traveling. Visit our traveler resource page to learn more about making your future stays go smoothly.

Safety tips for travelers

Firstly, We’re constantly evaluating online threats and strengthening our security in order to stay ahead. We use established security procedures. To protect your account.

Is it cheaper to book flights and hotels together?

How to stay safe online

Secondly, As a user of our platform, you can keep your accounts and identity protected by looking out for emails that contain links. And/or attachments, emails that ask you to sign in. Or emails that ask you to enter personal or financial info. Scammers might also try to access your personal or financial info by calling you, which is a technique called social engineering.

Enable 2FA on your account

Thirdly, 2FA (two-factor authentication) adds an additional layer of security to your account. In the event that your username and password are compromised, will send a unique verification code to your mobile device. That must be submitted before granting access to your account.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service representatives will only ask you to share your reservation ID. And/or reservation PIN. You shouldn’t be asked to provide the password for your account or other sensitive financial info. Such as your credit card number.

Preparing for your trip

Check your confirmation email

Find the correct info on prepayments, and more in your confirmation email. If you receive payment requests with a sense of urgency (e.g. “transfer the money to a bank account within 24 hours or the booking will cancel it”) or a property insists on communicating outside the platform, reach out to our Customer Service team for further support.

Get to know your host

We will answer your questions before you book or stay. For certain properties, you can reach out through our “Contact the host” option. Alternatively, you can send the property a special request when you book. Always make sure to use our platform messaging system, to make everything clearer for all involved.

Check the available services

We have different property types (e.g. apartments, bed & breakfasts, and hotels) on our site. If you book a shared accommodation, you can expect other travelers to be present. If you book an apartment, there might not be a 24/7 reception.


                                                                                            is it cheaper to book flights and hotels together?